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Kikita's Art Blog

Style one.

  • Lineart
  • Flat coloring. No light or shadows
  • No background

I used Menma as an example without shame.

Yes, since I’m bored, I decided to open them.

Just for a short time!

Something that Bettas said inspired me to draw this. So dear, this is a gift for you! use it in your blog if you want to uvu

Anonymous Asked:
List all your crack ships right now

My answer:
  • AraNep pale bbies 
  • KiddLaw Frenemies anyone? 
  • FsuranaLeliana abubuuu 

Going to add more later bai

New Icon

Hi, this my dear swordswoman Annabeth and I don’t have a personality or background for her yet

Anonymous Asked:
Do you have any guilty ship?

My answer:


Kawaii OTP for Valentine’s day

A cute drawing of my waifu <3


Guess what! Women don’t have to fit your standards of beauty that you force upon them! Have a nice day and fuck you! :D

And yet men should fit any woman’s standards of beauty, and when a woman says the same nobody says nothing because women can say everything they want without getting a shitload of insults but if a man says his standards of beauty everyone will insult him.

And the ‘:D’ at the end doesn’t allows me to take anything you said seriously.

Hey! This is Kikita, and this my art blog. I'm pretty much into fandoms and I mostly draw fanart, that doesn't means I don't post any original art, I only post it less often than fanart.
This girl is also so love with Trafalgar Law it's unhealthy
(Requests open for a short time)
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